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The Power of Dreams

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Cairhien 2

I told you I wasn't happy with the original! Well, here is the new version, please tell me which you prefer.


The End of Illusions

This is the giant statue, buried upto the arm, found on the island of Tremalking. This is what it would look like to someone on the island when Rand and Nyneave are using the two statues combined. (Maybe there should be some some snow or bad weather, given that the scene is taken from Winters Heart. UPDATE 01-07-2002 - Grey sky and sea)


The Three Fold Land

Here I have tried to depict the Aiel Waste, it could be anywhere though. I might try to put Rhuidean on it at some point, but until then this will just be a random area of the waste.



This is supposed to be the Cairhien(en) Throne Room in Cairhien. It took two and a half hours to render so enjoy it! I'm not entirely happy with it, it might change soon. UPDATE: see the new image!

Thanks to Andrew Hagan for the Cairhien Flag.


To Soar

A quick render with animals, unfortunatly a tearful end to one of the good guys. This is the valiant death of Hopper, Perrin's wolf friend, to two Whitecloak lances.

Thanks to Erich Harrison for the Whitecloack flag, used on the lances.


The Winespring Inn (1)

This is The Winesping Inn in Emonds Field. I have used the description found in RJ's The Shadow Rising. The only detail I may have missed is the size of the fireplace - it should be half the length of the room...


The Winespring Inn (2)

...But what's to say the room lies anywhere within the World of the Wheel? Well here is a part of the above room, this table shows maps of the world, the book is "The Travels of Jain Farstrider", if you can make it out. Scratch, the inn's yellow cat is on top of one of the barrels.


The Winespring Inn (2)

Because I didn't know what I wanted the final Winespring Inn scence to look like, I made the whole room, here is a shot from the beginning of "Goldeneyes" (chapter from The Shadow Rising") where Perrin has written a letter to Faile on the moring of a huge trolloc attack.


What Is Written In Prophecy

"As Ba'alzamon put forth his hand, Rand pushed himself up, therw himself desperately toward Callandor...His hand closed convulsively. On Callandor's hilt."

From Robert Jordan's The Dragon Reborn Chapter 55.



Winespring Inn Maps (on table) taken from "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan & Teresa Patterson. Maps by John M. Ford and Thomas Canty.